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Wake-On-Lan Proxy with Raspberry Pi

You’re using Lights-Out Mobile on your phone and like to wake your server.

But it does not work. Why?

Most SoHo routers do not allow to forward magic packets for wake-on-lan to your internal broadcast address. As a result you cannot use wake-on-lan over the internet (wake-on-wan) to wake your equipment at home. Those routers allow only a forward to a fixed internal ip address which does not always work with wake-on-lan.

Raspberry Pi to the rescue

A Raspberry Pi is an energy efficient, low cost computer which we will use to create a wake-on-lan proxy. Your router will send the magic packet to the Raspberry Pi and the Pi will then broadcast the magic packet to the local subnet.

The download contains the source code for the wake-on-lan proxy which must be compiled and installed on a Raspberry Pi Model B.

All steps are documented in the user manual.


Download wake-on-lan proxy

Download  Raspberry Pi as WolProxy (Source code),  224KB, Version 1.0.4



This software is free of charge and provided “as is”. Use on your own risk.