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Lights-Out 1.6 for Windows Home Server v1

Lights-Out 1.6.2 is the last version which supports Windows Home Server (WHS) v1.

This version is end of life!

Lights-Out 1.6 integrates seamlessly into Windows Home Server Console and supports features like client backup or remote access. This edition is the perfect choice for the first generation of Microsoft Windows Home Server.

Seamless integration into Home Server

Lights-Out integrates into the well known Windows Home Server Console you use to manage your server. It provides a separate Lights-Out tab.

Lights-Out makes use of Windows Home Server infrastructure.

Known Home Server Features

Lights-Out prevents a Server standby or performs a wake-up on Home Server Operations like

  • Client backup
  • Client Restore
  • Backup cleanup
  • Remote Access

Supported Systems

Microsoft Windows Home Server v1 (based on Windows Server 2003)