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Licensing and ordering

If you have not received your license file within 2 days after buying a license or you lost your license file, then please contact

Note: Please check your spam folder first! Some email providers (especially Googles GMail) move the license email into the spam folder.

The actual reseller is Share-It, a Digital River Company. Share-It provides a printable invoice after check-out and calculates the applicable VAT. For all questions about your order, payment or invoice please visit Share-It Customer Care Center or the Digital River Shopper Support.

Online Help

Use the official user manuals to learn how to configure and set-up your server and client computers. Start reading with section “Server requirements”. Then proceed with How-Tos and best practices.

Product Online Help
 User Manual
Lights-Out 3.7 HTML HTML PDF PDF 
Lights-Out 3.5 HTML HTML PDF PDF 
Lights-Out 2.5 HTML HTML PDF PDF 
Lights-Out 1.6 for Windows Home Server v1 HTML HTML PDF PDF 
Lights-Out Mobile (all platforms)     PDF   



Use the forums to get answers to your questions from other users and the developers of Lights-Out.

Product English Forum Deutsches Forum
Lights-Out 3 MS Windows Enter Forum Zum Forum
Lights-Out 3 Synology DSM Enter Forum Zum Forum
Lights-Out 2.x Enter Forum Zum Forum
Lights-Out 1.6 WHS v1 Enter Forum Zum Forum
Lights-Out Mobile (all platforms) Enter Forum Zum Forum


Ticket based support is available for licensed editions of Lights-Out. We do not provide ticket support for the free community edition (please use the forums)! As proof of purchase please add your order number to the ticket.

Ticket system: