PC Power-Management
Saves energy and money
For Home and Small Business

Save energy and money

Lights-Out PC Power Management controls and runs your server or computers on demand and not 24/7.
Lights-Out reduces your carbon footprint and saves your money.
Lights-Out implements Green-IT for Home and Small Business Users.

Monitor your network

Lights-Out monitors your network and devices.
Lights-Out provides graphical information about the activity of your equipment.
Lights-Out helps identifying unnecessarily long running computers wasting energy. 

Manage your devices

Lights-Out includes client computer management features to wake, reboot or shut down computers.
Lights-Out Mobile – optional management application available for all mobile platforms.

Lights-Out Products


Lights-Out PC Powermanagement is a Green-IT Software solution for Home and Small Business Users and is available as

Each product is available as free Community Edition or as a Home or Commercial Edition.

What users are saying



Average rating 4.5 of 5!

Easy installation, good support, works the way it is supposed to. Have used it on WHS v1 and WHS 2011.

  – Fred D. on Pinpoint

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Lights-Out Mobile


Lights-Out Mobile brings all management functions to your smart phone or tablet.

Lights-Out Mobile runs on all major platforms

  • New: Android
  • New: iOS
  • Windows Phone
  • Windows Store