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Lights-Out – Nomen est omen – The name says it all

Lights-Out is a power and runtime management solution and works according to the motto:

The last one turns out the light! 

Lights-Out can be used in a Small Business or Home Environment. Lights-Out has been proven in use for years and is as popular with family administrators as it is with company administrators. It gives you valuable information about your computers and your network at a glance.

Lights-Out 3 Bulb

What Lights-Out can do for you


Save energy and money

Lights-Out runs your server and computers on demand and not 24/7.
Lights-Out reduces your carbon footprint and saves your money.
Lights-Out implements Green-IT for Home and Small Business Users.

Manage your devices and your backups

Lights-Out controls and monitors your backups.
Lights-Out can wake, reboot or shut down your computers.
Lights-Out Mobile – optional management application available for all mobile platforms.

Monitor your network

Lights-Out monitors your network and devices.
Lights-Out provides graphical information about the activity of your equipment.
Lights-Out helps identifying unnecessarily long running computers wasting energy

Available for these popular server systems

Windows based servers

Synology NAS


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Why use Lights-Out in your company?



In a business environment, servers are typically operated 24/7 without interruption.

Desktop computers however may be used by different employees and may still be running after end of work.

It is tedious to switch all computers on in the morning and off after end of work.

Home users


  • Lights-Out guarantees, that you run your computers on demand to minimize energy consumption without losing comfort.
  • Lights-Out can, for example, start your computers in the morning 15 minutes ahead of your working hours. This allows time to complete Windows Updates before your employees arrive at work.
  • Computers in departments or locations with different operating times can be assigned to a group. Lights-Out can manage any different groups.

The focus for Lights-Out business users is on the computers.

Here are more use cases for Lights-Out.

Why use Lights-Out at home?



At home, you typically control your family computers and switch them off if not in use.

Your server however may run headless (without monitor and keyboard) or is located in a separate room.

It is tedious to switch the server on and off if not in use.

Lights-Out – Powermanagement


  • Lights-Out guarantees, that you run your server on demand to minimize energy consumption without losing comfort.
  • Lights-Out monitors a wide range of sources for activity, to decide if the server is still required to run. If no source reports any activity, the server is saving energy.
  •  As soon as you start one of your computers, Lights-Out starts the server automatically.

The focus for Lights-Out home users is on the server.

Here are more use cases for Lights-Out.

Lights-Out Products


Lights-Out – The energy-saving software

Lights-Out is a Green-IT Software solution for Home and Small Business Users and runs on all Microsoft Windows Operating Systems and on Synology NAS system with DSM.

Each product is available as free Community Edition or as Home, Professional and Business Edition.

Windows Server Essentials 2016

Windows Server Essentials 2016

Lights-Out Mobile

Is an add-on for Lights-Out and brings all management functions to your smart phone or tablet.

Lights-Out Mobile is available on

  • Android
  • iOS

What users are saying



Average rating 4.5 of 5!

Easy installation, good support, works the way it is supposed to. Have used it on WHS v1 and WHS 2011.

  – Fred D. on Pinpoint