Lights-Out for Windows Server Solutions 2011/2012
Mac Agent context menu

The context menu of the Mac Agent is used to wake or suspend your server.


Click on the bulb to show the context menu: 



Context menu

You can use these commands here:

  • Wake the server by sending a magic packet in your LAN
  • Wake the server by sending a magic packet to your internet domain (requires a configured DynDNS or domain, a router that forwards port 9 to your local broadcast address)
  • Suspend the server now (requires activation on the server), may be blocked when a backup runs, see screen shot below and Monitoring How-To
  • Display the state of automatic wake-up (can be configured on the server)
  • Toggle monitoring for this machine. This allows to add or remove this machine quickly.
  • Open Preferences to configure the Agent
  • About displays version information
  • Quit to close the client tray application. Click on Start->Startup to start this application again.

Wake-On-Wan requires additional configurations and may not work on your router!

  1. Enable a DynDNS domain in your router because the server can't update your domain while in standby.
  2. Enter this domain in Lights-Out options.
  3. Configure a port forwarding in your router. Forward external port 9 UDP to your internal broadcast address. Unfortunately most SoHo routers do not support broadcast addresses. A forward to the server IP address doesn't work because the router drops the mac address after a few minutes.
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