Lights-Out for Windows Home Server v1
Release notes and known issues

This documentation applies to version 1.6.1 of Lights-Out for Windows Home Server v1.

Current Version 1.6.1 Build 2408
Lights-Out for Windows Home Server v1
  • Improved communication between client tray app and service
  • Added a workaround for resume issues on Windows 10
  • Added support for MAC OSX 10.11 (El Capitan)


Older versions


Version 1.6.0 Build 2373
  • Fixed: Overflow issue if clients has 10 or more network interfaces
  • Fixed: Tooltip exceeds 64 characters on localized versions
  • Fixed: Service dies under high CPU load (e.g. running Blender)
  • Fixed: Problems with Lights-Out client UI and connected standby (e.g. Surface 3 Pro)
  • Fixed: Automatic wake-up after network change
  • Added: Support for Windows 10


Version 1.5.7 Build 2284
  • Fixed: Missing backup detection if "Always on during backup" is disabled


Version 1.5.6 Build 2283
  • Fixed: Calendar issue introduced in build 2136. Server goes into standby 3 minutes before a calendar entry starts if server is already active and calendar entry has a forced end action
  • Fixed: Random silent service crash
  • Fixed: Idle detection for Mac Agent running on a headless Mac Mini
  • Fixed: Occasional crash in network scanner with multiple network cards
  • Fixed: Log file write access issue
  • Fixed: Domain user access detection
  • Fixed: Missing clients if global monitoring is disabled
  • Fixed: Unexpected client count down window
  • Changed: Removed http prefix on wake domain to prevent a crash in windows store app
  • Changed: Task scheduler tasks are no longer hidden
  • Changed: Mobile web site shows active devices again
  • Changed: Mac Agent does no longer display missing license if run outside home network
  • Changed: Increased interval between pinging ip devices
  • Added: LightsOutCleanup tool
  • Added: Support for Windows 10
  • Added: Support for Windows Server Technical Preview
  • Added: Support for High-DPI Displays
  • Added: Windows 8 icon set for client application
  • Added: Support for Mac OS X 10.10 (Yosemite)
  • Added: Command line option to trigger client action after backup
  • Added: Popup message for new version information
  • Added: Client wakes server 2-5 minutes before a WHS/WSE backup starts


Version 1.5.5 Build 2136
  • Added action timer on status tab, color change during count down
  • Increased max. delay time limit to 240 minutes
  • Standard action is now suppressed if backup or calendar tasks are scheduled within next 3 minutes
  • Improved communication between WHS Console and Service
  • Fixed a configuration issue for the Lights-Out Mac Agent
  • Fixed a bug in ShareMonitor introduced in 1.5.4
  • Fixed client About dialog, shows no longer licensed to <number> if server is not running
  • Fixed managing computers and server via mobile app
  • Fixed jumping mouse arrow on client


Version 1.5.4 Build 2055
  • Fixed a timing problem in command line application
  • Fixed scrambled task editor dialog
  • Fixed a deadlock condition in service
  • Fixed a problem with MacAgent Installer on WHS v1
  • Fixed delayed update of remote access user
  • Fixed a bug in file monitor (reported activity while disabled)
  • Split RDP and console monitoring into 2 options
  • Added RDP and console monitoring to uptime chart
  • Completely reworked wake-on-lan code to fix issues with changing network adapters (LAN -> WLAN -> LAN)
  • Added task list cleanup for outdated calendar events (older than 2 months)
  • Lights-Out client can now be operated in parallel with another Lights-Out server installation
  • In place license upgrade (discount code)
  • New 30 day evaluation period
  • Client software can wake additional devices (registry key required)


Version 1.5.3 Build 1819
  • Fixed client backup problems if client is configured to not wake the server
  • Fixed missing next calendar events for a task which spans midnight and runs every day
  • Fixed high CPU load in client service if server is offline
  • Fixed missing status for Apple Mac and mobile devices
  • Fixed a problem with special characters in name of IP based devices
  • Fixed a problem with identity mapping in Mac Agent
  • Changed client standby action initiated from dashboard or Lights-Out Mobile App. Uses hibernation if configured as action after backup, standby otherwise.
  • Changed network monitor to better handle pulsed transmission used for example by XBMC
  • Added better support for mobile devices in computer properties
  • Added detection for WebDAV issues in Mac Agent and Lights-Out Mobile
  • Added different product titles
  • Added backup command to client context menu (this combines wake-up, backup and action after backup)
  • Added backup command to command line client
  • Added correct sorting to all columns in computer tab


Version 1.5.2 Build 1737
  • Fixed MAC detection on server with bridged server NICs
  • Fixed console crash after clicking on error link in monitored sources
  • Fixed unwanted client standby when started from shutdown for backup
  • Fixed problem with wake-up on client when no IPv4 route was available
  • Fixed remote access detection after IIS restart
  • Fixed handling of IP clients without a MAC
  • Fixed problem with incomplete xml data files
  • Fixed change of DST problem with WHS Connector
  • Fixed wrong date formatting in calendar for some regions like Japanese
  • Fixed wrong backup date when client backup is disabled
  • Fixed problem with deleted tasklist (delete was not handled, tasks were not removed)
  • Fixed bug in edit properties dialog
  • Fixed wrong listing of next calendar events for tasks which span midnight
  • Changed internal structure of services (both server and client) to fix start-up problems
  • Added force option to action after backup
  • Added new option for devices which work as router or repeater
  • Added a user action to run a user defined command instead of standby
  • Added handling of additional routers or gateways
  • Added client command line application
  • Added handling (starting) of dependent services on server resume
  • Added Apple Mac OS X support (Mac Agent)


Version 1.5.1 Build 1555
  • Fixed a problem in file monitoring
  • Fixed a problem in Backup/System monitoring
  • Fixed a wrong backup time calculation
  • Fixed a problem with missing updates on the Monitored Sources panel
  • Added a message when user access to web site is denied


Version 1.5.0 Build 1550
  • Added client actions for shutdown, standby and reboot
  • Added share monitor
  • Added console session monitor
  • Added display of active monitors
  • Added day slider to uptime chart
  • Added display of scheduled backup times to computer tab
  • Added timer support for scheduled client wake-up
  • Fixed distorted status page when DPI setting of display has been changed to a nonstandard value or when big fonts have been used
  • Fixed missing timer reset when standard action or wait time has been changed
  • Fixed bug in handling start/stop service names
  • Changed background and font colours to allow high contrast themes
Copyright (c) Martin Rothschink, AxoNet Software GmbH 2008-2015
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